I am a writer.

Most accurately, I am a deipnosophist.  My voice sounds like Lenny Bruce and Diana Ross had a baby.  I manage peak racial frustration by rewatching 12 Years A Slave.  I've seen it 12 times.  I find the words "piggyback" and "blog" to be incredibly problematic.  My three historical crushes are Malcolm X, Frederick Douglass and Alexander Hamilton, in that order, and they influence my Harlem strolling routes.  I'm a typical Sagittarius. The three great loves of my life are my grandmother, Harlem and Wellesley College.  I don't LinkedIn strangers.  No one notices that I haven't been on Facebook in years.

Currently, I am writing for television in Los Angeles.

The illustration is of me (first!) and my muses (Lucille Ball, Michael Jackson, Lorraine Hansberry and Jim Henson) dragging as characters from Alice in Wonderland.  Portrait commissioned in 2017 from Georgina Ch├ívez.

Read Me.

Sometimes people say they want to read my next essay. Usually it's from my email to your email, because we spoke about it. But since I write for people I have never met professionally, I am doing the same with my personal writing.  I write for adults.


For hiring inquires, you can reach my representatives at the email in the contact box. 

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